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Surviving Challenging
Life Transitions

Change can be tough. It can make us feel uneasy, vulnerable, or even scared - all very normal reactions. But change doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Change can be a time for us to reflect on ourselves and recall all the ways in which we've survived and succeeded in the past. You might just be surprised to find out (or even just remember) how strong you really are.

What is a life transition?

Life​ is full of surprises. Often times, change can be right around the corner (whether we want it to be or not). A transition can be something that impacts the trajectory of your life and it can either be something that is exciting or super terrifying. Often times we find that there can be some stress that comes with change, and that's what can make the transition difficult. 

What might this look like?
  • Loss of a loved one

  • Job loss, career changes, retirement

  • Divorce, separation

  • Empty nest

  • Serious illness

  • Normal developmental changes (entering adulthood, menopause, aging)

When might I need to talk to a therapist?

Each of us have the ability to cope with certain levels of stress. If you start to notice that your stress is turning more into anxiety, irritability, depression, feelings of hopelessness/helplessness or if you start to notice that this new transition is significantly impacting your overall functioning in life, it could be worthwhile to reach out and consult with a therapist.

My approach to treating life transition concerns.

As unique and different as each life transition can be, treatment can take the same approach. We may need a few sessions to engage in some solution-focused strategies to discuss next steps and how you will proceed into the next chapter of your life. Or, treatment might require a few more steps in which we explore the more nuanced emotionally distressing triggers that this change is bringing up and how we might cope with these new and unexpected feelings. Whatever may come up, we will work together to identify your concerns and propose a plan for how to address them.

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