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Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Stress-Related

Gaining more understanding on our thoughts and beliefs about anxiety; where it might stem from, how it impacts us, and learning new skills to help us cope with our symptoms.

What is anxiety/panic?

Feeling restless; having a hard time concentrating; worrying about anything and everything. You notice that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach. At times, you might have this feeling of impending doom and you just can't quite shake it. You feel your heart racing, hands sweating, chest feeling tight, can't breath. When it gets really bad, some people describe it like having a heart attack.

How does it relate to stress and irritability?

When we have anxiety or when we experience the above symptoms for long periods of times, it can become really stressful and even make us irritable because we feel like we can't get things done. Our tasks go unfinished, we lose focus on things, we start snapping at friends, family, coworkers; the cycle continues. Sometimes, we become more stressed or irritable when we can't quite figure out WHY we are even feeling this way to begin with. The cycle continues and it grows.

What can you do to manage this?

Sometimes folks seek out help from their primary care doctors, especially when they think symptoms are medically related ("it feels like a heart attack, do I need a stress test?") Some folks will take anti-anxiety medications prescribed by their primary doctor, a psychiatrist, or a psychiatric nurse practitioner; others will seek out counseling from a therapist. There are a number of things out there that you can do to take the first step to figuring out how you might be able to combat these feelings and physical sensations.

My approach to treating anxiety and stress-related symptoms.

My goal is to share all the skills and tools I have. Whether this would be bringing more awareness to the thoughts contributing to your stress/anxiety and challenging them or to pause and take time to be in the moment. I am here to meet you where you are and invite you to explore more of where you could potentially be.

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